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alidanse03 Bara no nai hanaya OST alidanse03



01. The Theme of The Flower Shop Without The Rose     
02. Bara ga waraita (Strings Version)    
03. Dandelion    
04. Depression of The Director    
05. Rose    
06. Suffering of each    
07. Shizuku ~ A Drop of The Last Tears    
08. After Rain    
09. Smile Like A Flower    
10. Blind    
11. Clockwork    
12. A Flower Shop Without The Master    
13. A Flower Shop Without The Rose    
14. MI-O    
15. Ohanaya - san    
16. A Quirk of Fate    
17. Solitude or Loneliness    
18. A Soldier Without The Name    
19. Zutto issho sa (Instrumental Version) 

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Bara no nai hanaya - OST

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