God's gift / 14 Days - \*o*/

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01. If only I can go to you - Song Ji Eun
02. If only I can go to you (Inst.)
03. If it were me - Yang Ji Won of SPICA
04. If it were me (Inst.)
05. Because it hurts - San Deul of B1A4
06. Because it hurts (Inst.)
07. Spring flower - Kim Joo Hoon of Remember
08. Spring flower (Inst.)
09. Un myeong e dae ha yeo
10. God's gift - 14 Days (Main Theme from "God's Gift - 14 Days")
11. O rae jeon gi eog
12. Mut ji ma sseo po teo jeu
13. Sad Fate
14. He pa i to seu
15. Lonely Memory (Dong Chan's Theme)
16. Un myeong ui si jag
17. Jeol mang ui seul peum
18. Dwi ba kkwin un myeong
19. Tta seu han mi so
20. Sik gu kki ri i reo neun geo a ni ya
21. Geu rim ja chat gi
22. Time Warp
23. Ilh eo beo rin si gan
24. Shadow
25. Jeol mang ui si gan
26. Ttak ji chi gi
27. Kul han nam ja
28. Sum so ri
29. Eo reun deur ui dong hwa

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God's gift - OST

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