Love and secret - \*o*/

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01. Only tell me - Soo Bin of Dal Shabet
02. Love & secret - 1sagain and Joo Bo Ra
03. Dwelling over a simple goodbye - Ran
04. Us two - Won Joon of Boys Republic and Shi Yun of Minx
05. Can't you love me? - Han Kyung Il
06. A letter written by my heart -Im Baek Chun and Son Seung Won
07. Love is coming - Lydia
08. I love you, I like you, you're my destiny (Drama Ver.) - BB Ahn
09. I love you - The Hidden
10. I miss you so much - Woo Eun Mi
11. Missing someone - Magolpy
12. Rest in my heart - BB Ahn
13. Dwelling over a simple goodbye - The Daisy
14. Lost in love - Oh Yoo Joon
15. Shouting these words - Peul Lo feat. Song Yoo Bin
16. Love & secret (Inst.)

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Love and secret - OST

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