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01. Don’t, Don’t - Genie Chuo
02. Good Friends Are Only Just Friends - Yisa Yu
03. Office Girls theme (OT:Add A Little Happiness)
04. Add A Little Happiness - Yisa Yu
05. Two Steps Forward Three Steps Back (OT:Don’t, Don’t)
06. Wanna Fly in Free Fall - Genie Chuo
07. Silly (OT:Good Friends Are Only Just Friends)
08. Can’t Afford to Get Hurt - Yisa Yu
09. I Promise You (OT:Wanna Fly in Fly Free Fall)
10. Enough - Genie Chou
11. White Lies (OT:Don’t, Don’t)
12. Apricot Romance (OT:Add A Little Happiness)
13. Never - “Q” Wu
14. I Still Love You (OT:Can’t Afford to Get Hurt)
15. Cheers to Friendship (OT: Enough)
16. Too Calm - “Q” Wu
17. First Date (OT: Never)
18. Please Forgive Me for Being Naive (OT: Too Calm) 

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Office Girls - OST

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